Hello to our new website – Today, we’re so excited to be formally unveiling our new website! It’s the result of months of work and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Since the beginning in 2007, this is the third revamp of our Gladstone Websites site. So welcome and hello to our new website.

We started from a blank sheet and have come up with a new design, sitemap, content structure and colour palette. We developed it in-house and it really reflects where we are now as a business in the North East.

We wanted to incorporate as much information as we could relating to our web hosting website without infringing too much on the purpose of this site – which is to show off our website design work, and also link in with the fantastic comments our clients have sent to us over the years.

Working with individuals and small businesses is what we do best. We get to work closely, enabling us to get to know exactly what our clients are looking for when signing up with us and continuing with that relationship throughout – especially after the project has completed, and the client requires an extra helping hand to get the most out of their online investment.

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