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The process starts with the planning stage..

We start the first process by having an informal chat with you. We want to know what you want out of your brand new website. So, by discussing the type of business you want to promote, the type of audience you want to target, as well as your budget and your timescale, we can quickly get an insight into what your expectations are.

During these initial discusions we will plan your sitemap (main navigation menu which points to the main and sub topic areas of your site), which is the core of your website. The layout, colours, fonts etc will also be agreed on, though nothing is set in stone at this stage.

Second is the design stage..

Here we look at all of the information we have gathered from our discussions so far and determine the look and feel of the site, taking into consideration factors such as your brand logos and colours, your target audience and your layout requirements.

We will supply a secure link to the prototype, giving you the opportunity to get an idea how the site will look and how it will perform using basic navigation. A facility to submit feedback on the prototype will also be available while viewing the draft site.

The third process is development..

This is where the web site comes to life. We take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype and use them to create the functional web site. We take your content and distribute it throughout the appropriate areas of the site. You will still have access to the site and be able to submit your thoughts on how the website is progressing. During this stage we will also arrange some training in the use of the content management system. This will guarentee that once your site has been handed over to you, you will be confident in editing your content when require changes to be made.

The launching of the site is the fourth and final stage..

After receiving your final approval, we will publish your website to the internet and carry out the final checks before handing it over to you for your big launch.