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Gladstone Websites started in 2007. I decided to start the website design business when my interest grew after building a basic website from scratch for my employer. Using social media to spread the word about building the first website, I was soon receiving enquiries from all walks of life. Customers ranged from a small local business selling erotic stories, to a self employed clown wanting an internet presence, to an international company advertising their spark protection products. All were welcomed!

Over the first year or so my knowledge and experience grew and I wanted to expand my portfolio, so I started to build ecommerce websites. These sites were more challenging as they used scripts of which I had no knowledge, so I taught myself a few languages with the help of the internet.
The inclusion of Content Management Systems (CMS) on my websites was next on my list in way of improving the sites I built. Giving the controls to customers meant they could update their website whenever as long as they had an internet connection (unless otherwise specified, a CMS is included with every site I build).

Currently, depending on the type of website required by a customer, we have several different software platforms at hand to build websites upon. Every website we design and develop is unique, as we never use the same design more than once.

We also supply domain names and hosting plans at reasonable prices; see Gladstone Hosting for further details.

If you would like to know more or require a quote, please ring us on 0794 8239114 or submit the email form on the 'Contact' page.

Gary Raisbeck